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ARGUS Special Projects
Defence & Security Development and Consulting

Welcome to Argus Special Projects - We are prolific developers of state of the art Military, Electronic Defence and Security Technology including the MAPS Maritime Anti Piracy System, together with Advanced AI Facial Recognition, Hotel Occupancy Security & Safety Technology and Hostile Environment Awareness Training.

Maritime Anti Piracy System

Our flagship project MAPS™ Maritime Anti Piracy System.
Now deployed on vessels in some of the worlds piracy and regime hotspots MAPS puts a vessel in complete lock down protecting Crew, Cargo and Vessel until a reinstatement of secure transit.

Individual Recognition Information System
has revolutionised Facial Recognition. Fully utilising our AI Protocols IRIS™ is able  to provide
our government clients worldwide with a pinpoint accurate location of any given target

Hotel Occupancy Security & Safety Technology.

HOSST was developed for Hotels and multi-occupancy buildings. HOSST monitors building occupancy
so that reception staff, building managers etc. can immediately identify exact occupancy in real-time.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training.

Our training teams are drawn from British Special Forces and the Intelligence Community they deliver intense training modules to senior executives globally to help them better mitigate any perceived threat 

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