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Reducing the Risk ...!
Geopolitics affects every single individual on the planet, every day ... 

Today, making informed decisions for your business or organisation is all about staying abreast of Global issues, with definitive, authoritative, reliable intelligence & data. 

Argus GPI - Reducing The Risk ...!

The Legend of Argus Panoptes

Argus Panoptes was a many-eyed giant in Greek mythology. The figure is known for having spawned the saying "the eyes of Argus", as in to be "followed by", "trailed by" or "watched by" the eyes. The saying is used to describe being subject to strict scrutiny in one´s actions to an invasive, distressing degree.

The monstrous entity has been either directly or indirectly alluded to in a wide variety of works influenced by Greco-Roman thought over the past several centuries. 

ARGUS GEOPOLITICAL INTELLIGENCE is a recognised market leader in the delivery of Real-time, Geopolitical & Corporate Intelligence and Risk-Analysis to the Banking & Finance, Insurance, Aviation and Maritime industries as well as NGOs & Government Departments Worldwide.

Our Highly-experienced Team of Geopolitical Analysts (HUMINT) strategically located around the globe are supported by our Advanced Real-time Intelligence Reporting - powered and delivered by advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) & proprietary Scarab search algorithms (OSINT)

This enables us to source, analyse, fact-check and disseminate millions of times every Nano-second ensuring that we deliver Actionable, Authoritative and Definitive Regional & Sector Intelligence, Analysis & Forecasting ensuring that our Client's and Subscribers are kept fully appraised of the facts as they directly affect them.

Our Risk Consulting & Security Teams are strategically positioned Globally to facilitate immediate assistance to our clients.

Our team leaders have all been senior members in the military and have considerable experience in both running intelligence networks and operational scenarios in hostile environments including Maritime & Aviation Security, Buildings & Corporate Security including Executive Protection, Hostage Ex-filtration, Counter-Terrorism and Hostile Environment Awareness Training.

They have gained unparalleled experience in the World's most challenging environments including The Baltic regions, South Asia, Latin America, The Middle East and North & Central Africa. 

ArgusGPI - Reducing The Risk!

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